Powershell SharePoint 2010 Clean up SharePoint List Item Versions, BUT keep appended multi-line text entries!

This little gem is for cleaning up stupid versions of list items but keeps versions that contain entries made in appended multi-line text fields:

$web = get-spweb "http://sharepoint/sites/teamabc"
$list = $web.lists["Tracking List"]
$items = $list.items
foreach($item in $items)
write-host "-------------------------------------------"$item["Title"]
$versions = $item.versions
for($i=$versions.count-1; $i -ge 0; $i--)
if($versions[$i].IsCurrentVersion -eq $false)
$itemversion = $versions[$i]
if($itemversion["Tracking Comments"] -or $itemversion["Resolution Comments"])
write-host "Not Deleting: " $versions[$i]["Tracking Comments"] "------" $versions[$i]["Resolution Comments"] $i
write-host "Deleting: " $versions[$i].VersionLabel "------------" $item["Title"] "------------" $count "------------" $i

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